You have following brew you can send data to :

  1. Create an user in, log in.
  2. Add a beer in under #batch.
  1. Press Reset on esp8266 then you will get an wireless network called iSpindel. Connect to this network and configuration page will appear. (If not the IP addresse is

  2. Before calibrating enter Maintanance mode while the Ispindel tube is laying flat on the table. Then press the button and wait 2-5 minuttes. This sets the angle to 90 degrees and will ease the calibration.

  3. iSpindel info shows version and is used to mesure angle under calibration. The easies way is to calibrat Ispindel with water. Add more and more sugar, write down SG and Angle during this process.

  4. Use spreadsheet for converting angle to SG. Even if it says Plato you can use SG. Press the button to update formula. Add values in Polynominal field

  5. Server: og Server URL is added like this: /ispindel/?[USERNAME]:[BATCH NUMBER]
  6. (Remember ? and : )

  7. We have added in limitations on SG and how often data is received (There is no meaming to receive date every minute). So you have to calibrate iSpindel so that OG/SG does not exceed 1150 (Ca 18.5% alcohol) and sending data with at least 899 seconds intervals. (900/60 = 15 minuttes)

  8. Good Luck and have fun.

No information yet, Comming soon.