Frequently Asked Questions


Can I buy a Tilt in my country locally (outside the USA)?

Yes. There are many dealers selling Tilts around the world. You can find a map of them here

Does the Tilt work in stainless steel conical fermenters?

Yes. There are hundreds of customers using the Tilt in a variety of SS fermenters. You will have reduced Bluetooth range and will need to place your smartphone/tablet closer to your fermenter to receive data.

How do I change the battery in my Tilt?

Here is a video tutorial to show you how to change the battery in your Tillt. Change battery on TILT

What kind of temperature range can TILT handle?

The TILT temperature range is 32-185 F.

What are the dimensions of the Tilt?

The device is 3 5/8 inches (9.2075 cm) long by 1 1/8 inch (2.8575 cm) in diameter. It is designed to fit in a typical carboy

What is the Tilt's Bluetooth range?

The Tilt will interact with your smartphone or tablet from up to 25 feet.

Is the Tilt compatible with Apple/iOS smartphones and tablets?

Yes. Any iPhone 4S or newer (with Bluetooth 4.0) or any iPad Mini or iPad 3 or newer (with Bluetooth 4.0) should work.

Is the Tilt compatible with Android phones and tablets?

Yes, in general most Android phone or tablet with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android OS version 4.3+. See our list here: Compatiple Android units

How often does the Tilt take measurement readings?

The Tilt will send updated measurement readings for temperature and specific gravity to every 15 minute.

How do I turn off the Tilt when I'm not using it?

The Tilt will go into sleep mode when you're not brewing to save battery life. Simply stand the Tilt on its end and it will shut off automatically.

How do I turn on the Tilt/Brewometer?

Simply drop the Tilt/Brewometer in your fermenting brew (or lay it on its side) and the device will turn on and start taking readings automatically after about a minute.

How long will my battery last?

The Lithium CR123A battery will last about 3 months depending on usage.

How accurate is the Tilt?

The specific gravity is accurate +/- 0.002 with the Tilts range of 0.990 to 1.120. The thermometer is accurate +/- 2 degrees F (+/- 1 degree C).

How is the Tilt affected by foam?

There is no noticeable interference from foam. Foam plays a minimal role since it is significantly less dense than the beer and 95% of the device is submerged in the beer.

How do bubbles from CO2 affect the Tilt?

We recommend putting the Tilt in your beer prior to pitching yeast, this will ensure any bubbles will not affect initial readings. Bubbles from dissolved CO2 may cause higher than expected readings for a short time if placed in an active fermenting brew. However, this can be sped up if washed with alcohol (i.e. Everclear).

How does vigorous fermentation affect the Tilt?

You do see a lot of turbulence at peak moments of fermentation, however since data is being collected every 15 minute the ability to get a smooth moving average allows for a highly accurate readings. That said, we've come to enjoy reading the non-averaged data because it also tells you how active the fermentation is.

How do I sanitize my Tilt?

The polycarbonate container and washers/o-rings are safe with StarSan, which is our recommended sanitizer. Warm water and dish soap for cleaning.

Does the Tilt work with a Raspberry Pi?

Yes! You can get a free download to Tilt Pi here.

My Tilt is displaying numbers that don't look anywhere near to accurate. Is it broken?

Please make sure that you've removed the Tilt from its plastic shipping tube prior to using it.

Can I use the Tilt under pressure?

Yes. The Tilt works great under pressure. Here's a blog post on that subject. TILT under pressure

iSpindle doesn't work, I don't see any information

The best way to find out what the iSpindle is doing as information is to read it's log. This can be done via a serial monitor like HTerm or Arduino IDE. Connect the spindle via Micro USB, then open the Com Port with the serial monitor above and read it.
Set baud rate to 115200. It brings light into the dark.

Here is a youtube howto:

How to navigatet to iSpindle - portal

Switch it on, press the reset button 3-4 times which sets up an access point. That means you will see a new Wifi network "iSpindel" where you connect to with your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Now the browser should automatically redirect you to the page If not, navigate there yourself and press enter.
If you are now on the portal page, under Configuration you can enter your token and the wifi password that you need for your network.

iSpindle setup should look like this
Server =
Update Intervall = 900
Name = red,green,black,blue,white (each of your units have different color name)
Url = /ispindel/?username
Polinominal = tilt

Then click on safe and it will send the data to This means that the iSpindel is not reachable in normal operation, until you manually start the portal again

Why can't I access the iSpindle in normal operation

The critical part of the battery life time is that the iSpindle is active as short as possible and maximum time being in deep sleep mode, this save much battery!
The Wemos in active operation requires more than 300x of energy, so this trick is indispensable to achieve maximun runtime enough for a full fermetation periode.

The Micro USB port is for program updates?

Correct, see Firmware Update

How can I calibrate the voltage display?

From firmware 3.0 on you can adjust the conversion factor. By default, factor 191.8 is used. You can adjust by this formula:
displayed voltage / measured voltage * current factor (191.8) = new factor

Can I operate iSpindle in a stainless steel container?

Is it possible to get signal through the stainless steel container?