Create following in this webservice.
  1. Create a new production (Batch) in Remember batch number, you need this for your TILT app on your phone.
  2. You have following brew you can send data to :

    Open TILT™ PI app av enter config settings.
    1. Add Batch in SET BEER NAME field.
    2. Add Where  xxxxx is your username in  Enter Cloud URL:
    3. Set Minutes til: 15 minutes
    4. Save your changes
    5. Open again and activate your brew to receive data from your TILT.
    6. You should now see data coming into every 15 minutes.


Your Tilt comes pre-calibrated with the battery installed and ready to go.

      1. Sanitize.
      2. Drop Tilt into fermenter.
      3. Thats it.

Here are some of Tilt's new features (white washer/black battery holder model)!

  • When waking up the Tilt, the light will either flash green indicating the battery is good for another brew or red, indicating it's time to change your battery.
  • After you change your battery, the Tilt will flash purple, indicating it's ready for a device level (not in app) tare. Simply place the Tilt in still room temperature water for several minutes. You should see a flash on the Tilt and the app indicating the device has been calibrated by resetting to 1.000. If the weight profile between batteries is in spec, your Tilt will not re-tare as it is within our factory calibration and ready to use.
  • Larger o-ring for a tighter seal and it makes it easier to remove the cap for battery changes.
  • The new Tilt app will have a celsius option in the settings menu. All the other previous features are still in the app.